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About Us

Content is all about providing useful stuff that is reported in a way which is appropriate to the audience for which it’s intended. It’s about understanding that our plan of action calls for the practice and planning of content that tells a story.

Filled with articles that aim to assist you with the growth of your business and form a place online for sharing and story-telling in which collaborators come together to provide value content.

We aim to serve our business community with a commitment to bring forward topics and themes that help businesses grow and invite others to participate in this purpose.

Our plan is to create a Panel of people who regularly share some great ideas and learn from those who have formed businesses that grow from strength to strength, and with regular articles posted we hope to inform journeys for business men and woman seeking answers on the road to success.

Content marketing is about creating awesomeness that people will want to read and share, leading naturally to traffic, links, social signals and media mentions. No one’s perfect, but everyone can be awesome!


If you could do with being profiled or know someone who may have a valuable contribution to make please contact :

CapitalSpace Marketing Facilitator, Lesley Hickmott by emailing:

Capital Space Ltd is a group of 8 centres all strategically located in the South East, Essex and Buckinghamshire near main links to London and close to popular suburban areas, all operating licences for space on easy monthly terms.